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Thread: 4wd pickup - Lochailort

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    4wd pickup - Lochailort

    Hi all
    the pickup at my mums chalet business has finally rusted in half.

    We need a replacement, no need for MOT but it does need to start and work. Will be used for launching boats, and carting wheelie bins and deer. It won't leave the premises until it dies.

    It is between Fort William and Mallaig so somehow need to get it there so a couple of weeks MOT might be handy. , the bad and the ugly considered.

    Always the possibility for a deal with a week's holiday at chalets, got their own beach and right at the foot of Roshven which has some cracking hill lochs.
    Thanks for looking

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    Hi I have a Toyota hilux 03 plate. 83000 miles full years mot. Drives perfectly 4wd all fine and four almost new at tyres.I am in Inveraray so not far away.
    4000 ono

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    Cheers Bigkimbo - sounds a good deal but as my old mate used to say 'that's too good for thee lad'. Probably a bit wasted living its life out there, we're look Iooking for something a bit more beaten up. Thanks for your response though.
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    No probs going to be trading it in soon, and as you say to good for a boat launcher. Good luck.

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    Has anyone else nearby got any ideas?



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    Quote Originally Posted by Essexsussex View Post
    Has anyone else nearby got any ideas?


    Have a look on gumtree get some real bargains there and you can focus the search on the local area

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