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Thread: Anyone with a .284 Win tried N140,

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    Anyone with a .284 Win tried N140,

    Hi Guys,

    Not sure if many here use one! But,

    Has anyone has tried N140, N150 or N160 in straight .284?

    Its primarily to be used as a deer rifle utilising 140gr heads. But would also like to try some long range so im also wanting to shoot 168gr Berger vld's for the odd bit of long range target.

    The rifle is built on a short action with a 24" barrel, hence the 168gr over 180gr.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi Joe , I hope you have better luck this time .

    I am really eager to read the replies.

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    Cheers weejohn,

    it seems the viht range of powders in .284.

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    I have a Winchester 100 semi auto in .284 Win (in Germany) but the S&B scope I had bought and ordered to fit on Apel on swing off mounts was put on wrongly by the gunsmith and all the rounds are hitting totally off the target (he had no ammo available to test it after his work) now I have sourced some rounds for him so I hope to begin loading for it in late summer so I will watch this thread with interest.

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    I use VV N-160 in my 7x64 and .280 Remington to power the 160-gr Sierra SPBT and HPBT Gamekings with super accuracy. I have not tried N-150 in them. Based on the difference in case capacity, I bet starting at 50.0 grains and working up to 54.5 MAX would probably get you 2,625 to 2,800 FPS out of a 160-gr bullet, and backing off a grain will probably be close with the 168-gr with that 24-inch barrel. It will probably get you the most velocity with 140 gr and 150 gr, but VV N-150 is probably a better powder for the case volume and the shorter, stubbier case. Personally, I find that the 160-gr Sierras and Hornady 162-gr SST are as heavy as I want to go, and have super BCs, very flat and accurate.

    I had saved this article off last year for comparison with my .280 Remington. It is one fellow, extensively testing a bunch of powders in his two .284 Winchester rifles, one a carbine, and one a longer barrel. He found VV N-150 to be the most accurate for him with 120, 140 and 150-gr bullets. I would start there, 140-gr and 150-gr, and with standard Sierra Gamekings, before spending any money on "premium" bullets. If you can get some RL-15 or RL-17, try that. My 7mms all like the Hornady 154-gr.

    Loading the .284 Winchester for Accuracy
    His experimental methods are very logical and thorough, as he dials one factor at a time, and very quickly stops with what will not work.

    N-140 is not going to give good velocity... too fast, so the pressure spike will prevent loading enough powder in the case.

    Sierra load data for the .284 Win as a PDF
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    Thanks for the replys guys.

    My little boy managed to hit the key pad when i was typing the heading, that why it only asks about N140 and not the others!!!

    The linked article is the one that got me headed down the Viht route in the first place. im now trying to find people that have tried the powders and have real world experience with them.

    Thanks again.

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    I use N160 in my 284. 162 amax lapua cases, 54grn N160 Fed primers. It will do 1/2 moa

    I also shoot a 6.5-284 140 amax lapua cases 50grn n160 fed primmers. 1/2 moa

    Ive tried reloader 17 but wasnt so good

    H4831sc was good in 284

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    N140 too fast

    Best results try N160 and 165

    Also H4831SC

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    So, for those that are interested.

    I went with N160. looking promising so far for those interested.

    Currently at 52 grains of N160 with a Fed210 primer under Hornady 162gr Amax. OAL on this is 3.075 which is as long as i can go and still eject a live round, dont really want to longer as this is a hunting rifle primarily. anyway jump to lands is .102, best group ctc .214 (3 shot group, will go to 5 shot at some point)

    Also doing some testing with 140gr Berger VLD hunting. Current load on this is 53gr N160 with an OAL of 3.035. Giving .130 jump to the lands! i ended up at this as i put them through the seating die with out adjust it after seating some Amax! Anyway, this printed a group of .124 CTC!! again only 3 shots though.

    No signs of pressure on any of the cases.

    Shots all taken at 100 yds, bipod up front with a sand sock at the back, off the bonnet of the 90. Scope is a Simmons 2.5-10x50 WTC.
    Next step is to see how they do with 5 shot groups and then move the target further away.

    I may also increase the charge weight to see when pressure signs start. i dont have a chrono so not 100% on velocities.

    Also found this:

    284 Winchester

    Bullet BC Powder Start FPS MAXIMUM FPS
    100 HP Hornady .279 N-140 43.9 2900 51.1 3300

    120 V Max Hornady .365 N-140 37.7 2500 48.1 3000

    139 SST Hornady .486 N-140 37.1 2400 45.3 2800

    154 SST Hornady .530 N-140 34.6 2200 43.0 2600

    162 SST Hornady .550 N-160 39.6 2200 48.3 2600

    175 SP Hornady .462 N-160 38.3 2100 47.1 2500

    284 Winchester

    Bullet BC Powder Start FPS MAXIMUM FPS
    100 HP Sierra .209 N-140 47.5 3000 53.5 3400

    120 SPT Sierra .328 N-140 45.9 2800 49.1 3000

    130 HPBT Sierra .395 N-140 43.7 2700 47.3 2900

    140 SBT Sierra .416 N-140 41.0 2500 46.7 2800

    150 SBT Sierra .483 N-140 39.8 2400 44.5 2700

    160 SBT Sierra .455 N-160 43.9 2300 53.4 2800

    168 HPBT Sierra .488 N-160 44.3 2300 54.3 2800

    This is from load data direct from Vihta vouri. It seems largely consistent with Sierra load data that i found.

    Also this has proved insightful

    Also i am neck turning to suit my rifle, so far i have not suffered from the dreaded doughnut that seems all to common with necked up Lapua 6.5 - 284 brass.

    Hope this is helpful to those interested.


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