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Thread: cz 527 223 varmint

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    cz 527 223 varmint

    Hi i got a cz 527 varmint hs kevlar stock in 223 rem
    I brought this new last year in July but i never really used it i only put under a 150 rounds tops i reckon
    24 inch barrel
    It comes with a nikon Monarch III 6-24x50SF
    Cz own mounts
    Some odd boxes of tips i got left over from my other 223 theres nearly a full 1 of 55grn soft points
    Couple hunderd rg brass most are once fired
    Its not screw cut though

    The gun can easily get 0.5 moa i never realy bothered trying to get better as i never had time to get it better but it can shoot better

    700 hunderd or make me a decent offer
    Im outside of ludlow shropshire
    Pm for more details

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    I forgot to say the Nikon was brought Last April time it comes with the box and it has 3 sets of turrets it has the medium size turret on atm the scope tracks spot on so its great for dialing in for target use ,only reason for the sale as I fancy rebarrelling the 243 of mine so its got to go to cover the cost which is a bummer

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    Still for sale, just the rifle and mounts now


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    May consider swap for scope or night vision

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