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Thread: auto / hand primer

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    auto / hand primer

    Hi Guys , just after any alternative to the Lee auto primer , as I am now on my fourth ( handles keep breaking ) , what others do you lads use or do I just get another Lee , thanks in advance Arron.

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    I use a Lyman that screws into the top of the press like a die. I is a 'one at a time' but gives good 'feel' as the primer is seated by the press.
    It is easy to use and quite quick. It gives a much better 'feel' than the standard RCBS type on the Rockchucker.
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    How are you breaking the handles, you aren't by any chance trying to prime military cases without first removing the crimp are you? Or are you trying to fit oversize primers, you are aware that occasionally there is some mismatch in size.

    I have two Lee auto primes the older one is over twenty years old the new one only a year old, both are great and suit my needs. I also have access to a RCBS hand priming tool which isn't bad but I prefer the Lee auto-prime.
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    Maybe I am just squeezing to hard ? Some press in fairly easy , odd one's aren't easy , trouble is if there is a bit of resistance I squeeze abit harder and they go in , cases are 3 or 4 times fired in most instances, 25 and 30 06 , run of the mill stuff ultrasonic cleaned and tumbled , Just to add they have broken over a couple of years not in 6 months or so , but typically loading some up last night , 2nd one in and it broke ! So a bit nobbed off !
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    I'll second that question. I have been using the same Auto Prime for 20 years. I bought a second a few years back to keep from switching LG & SM primer assemblies.~Muir

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    Another 20+ year-old Auto Prime (bought second-hand). I wouldn't even begin to try to guess how many rounds it has primed for myself and two sons, rifles and pistols. In fact the chrome/ nickel plating is wearing through.
    Still going strong.

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    RCBS Universal Hand Priming Tool, not cheap but certainly worth it
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    I had the same problem in 1998 and I made up a lever in steel as the tolerances are not critical it is still going strong.

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    Quote Originally Posted by phaedra View Post
    RCBS Universal Hand Priming Tool, not cheap but certainly worth it
    Excellent piece of kit.
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    I have been using the RCBS Automatic Bench Priming Tool for over thirty years now, its probably the most useful piece of reloading equipment i have.


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