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Thread: Lighweight Quality Moderators?

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    Lighweight Quality Moderators?

    I have a.243 and .22 Hornet, with a Wildcat Pred 8 and T4 mod on them, any suggestions to some quality lighter weight alternatives?


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    macc tech
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Aimzonic i think thats how you spell it ? From alan rhone ice got the smallist one on my 243 r8 and cant remend it anoth its a lot better then my atec cmm4 and a lot sorter to

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackb View Post
    macc tech

    Have one on my 7x64 and have been very impressed with it in terms of both weight and how effective it is.
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    a-tec cmm4 alu
    Virtutis Gloria Merces

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vipa View Post
    Dpt are the latest on the market and are very light indeed and cheap too !

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    Would you recommend the DPT over the likes of a wildcat evolution? I must say I prefer reflex mods.
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    I can only compare the Dpt to the original T8, Wildcat P8, A-TEC Cmm4 and the A-TEC over barrel mod and a titanium one I had.
    The Dpt is very light and reasonably priced and is modular so if you wish, you can add modules which are also well priced.

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    Quote Originally Posted by .243Hunter View Post
    Would you recommend the DPT over the likes of a wildcat evolution? I must say I prefer reflex mods.
    It is a reflex mod ... They also do a front mounted version but the over barrel reflex version is very light, very compact and very effective.. size/weight vs performance is probably up there with the best..

    I have had predator 8(just too big and way too heavy) I have also had front end mounted trident.. (not overly effective and made the rifle too long and unbalanced)n .. to be honest I would struggle to fault my dpt... best of both worlds (reflex, over barrel and compact/light!)

    As for price... I wouldn't say they are particularly cheap.. 250 ish for the reflex version which is about par for the course... you can also strip completely and add baffles if you so wish..

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