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    Dog run sections

    I no its not stalking but I am building a new kennel and am looking for dog run metal bar sections with doors that have good spring latches or even better a built in lock on them what do you recommend and from who ?
    Thanks for any help 👍

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    Only thiing i'd say is get the 5cm spacings if going for bars, not much deaer and handy if u ever get a pup. Mate had lucky escape with his litter of pups almost escaping throu the bars of his new kennels

    I've just bought the cheaper ones in past and seem fine the problem with fancy locks etc is sections usually just bolted together or there is so many other weak points if someone really wants ur dogs they will get them.
    Seen fancy locking 1's advertised somewhere but very dear when a cheap padlock does the same job stops opportunists/kids as u will never stop a determined thief
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    Echo the above I've just had some new kennels and runs with 5cm solid bar fully galvanised from TIMBERBUILD
    a few quid more expensive but my old hollow 8cm runs will eventually be replaced with the above .
    i made a pretty decent lock myself for the new runs I can email a picture if your interested in timberbuild runs .

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    Had my kennel built by Timberbuild and they recommended these 5cm Bar Door Galvanised Dog Run Panels - Dog Kennels Direct
    for the panels, well built and pleased with the product.

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    These are the cheapest I've found.
    I've had mine a no of years.
    I've ordered more this week delicery is reasonable, but it's just the standard latch type door.
    DogHealth dog run panels kennel

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