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Thread: Which Binos to replace Swarovski Habicht?

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    Which Binos to replace Swarovski Habicht?

    Yes, the ones I left abandoned under a gate last Thursday morning.......they were old but did the job well. Now gone.

    I just cannot bring myself to contemplate the eye watering prices of some of the new Swarovskis, but might be tempted by another pair of their rubber armoured Habichts in 10x40. Anything else I should consider? Happy to scrat about for a bargain on the bay etc- but what model guys? Suitable for everything from Roe to highland red stalking.

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    Having had Swarovski, Zeiss, Kahles and Leica, all of which are eye wateringly expensive, I bought a pair of Minox as a back up but in all honesty, although obviously not quite as good as the big names, they are actually very good glass indeed at about 10% of the price of top end alternatives, and if the price difference is factored in to the very small difference in quality, it makes it very difficult to justify the considerable extra cost.

    Certainly worth having a look before making a decision.
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    Thanks really helpful thanks Paul- I will have a look at the Minox range. I'm not 100% sure my eyes are good enough to tell the difference! Jim.

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    They're on eBay with very reputable suppliers at sub 200.

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    Which model do I want, Paul? Some of them are still 1000!

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    Thanks Tom- are these Minox the model to go for? Looks a good deal. They also have Vortex binos on offer- how do these compare?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMH123 View Post
    Thanks Tom- are these Minox the model to go for? Looks a good deal. They also have Vortex binos on offer- how do these compare?
    Hi Jim,

    Just thought i could help out with your last question directed at tom as have first hand experience in all of your questions there

    1. Look for the minox BV range rather than BF as the BF only get a 5 year warranty and the BV 30 year, although in terms of glass they are meant to be all but identical (just marginally different coatings by minox's own admission in an email exchange) Oh and the BV come with objective covers in the box which the BF does not, although if you email minox they will offer to send out a set free of charge if you do own the BF. I own a set of the BV and have found them lacking in no way. Honestly phenomenal optics at the price I think you would be amazed. I paid 115 collected at sportsman gun centre which included a little extra off that i managed to wangle.

    2. Comparing them to the vortex, for me personally the minox had the edge on all accounts. Vortex's lifetime no quibbles warranty was very tempting and I am a vortex fan having one of their scopes on my rimfire, however as I said the Minox were superior when compared side to side. That isnt to say the vortex arnt also phenomenal glass for the money and I am sure you would be happy either way. I guess it comes down to wether or not you want a lifetime no quibbles warranty or the superior image.

    Hope that helps

    Stealthy, like a giraffe on roller-skates....

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    Great stuff- just bought the Minox BV 8x42 boxed, unopened and with all the accessories for 85 posted on the bay. Not sure what that will do ref guarantee, but was not to be missed! Thanks for all the advice guys-really helpful and feeling at least a little recovered from the loss of my old Swarovskis!

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    A very good price, i should imagine you will be fine as you dont need a receipt for warranty registration, only the serial number of the binos! Be sure to post back on this page when you get them and let us all know how the stack up compared to the old swaro's. I think your going to be impressed


    Stealthy, like a giraffe on roller-skates....

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