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Thread: What do you all make of this one?

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    What do you all make of this one?

    Just a puzzler?

    .308 Win.

    A bit more info later.

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    Forced into a smaller case?

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    I've seen a fired case like that, the chamber had been machined very badly. The one in the picture looks like the bullet has been seated in a case whose neck had been stretched before the bullet was seated.

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    Look At the shoulder, it been pushed back into itself a bit by the looks of things.
    Could be over zealous seating with a case that's been neck turned too much .

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    Shoulder profile is not 308 win
    no angle, almost looks like a Weatherby secant shoulder
    bulge is the neck collapsing

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    I think that the shoulder has bulged too.

    Case may have been filled with something rather incompressible other than powder?

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    308 boat tail rammed into a 270 brass

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    Does the die used have the ability to crimp? As it looks like some I made when I was learning how to set my dies up screw the seating adjuster in and die out should prevent it happening again. Then read the dies instructions again.

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    Bullet seating die screwed down too far and squashed the case, causing the ripple in the neck and rounding of the shoulder. I have a near identical 6.5x55 case that resulted from my first attempt to seat a bullet in that calibre!

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    A bit more info.

    History unknown. Case looks distressed.

    Case is headstamped RG 08/80? and a + In a O.

    Missile is FMJ diameter measures at 0.300" Primer sealant red.

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