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Thread: Fitting QD stud to Ruger Stutzen

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    Fitting QD stud to Ruger Stutzen

    I'd like to do this in order to fit a bipod, but I'm new to the stutzen and I don't quite know how far along the stock the stud should go- the same distance forward from the trigger guard as my standard stocked Ruger, or not?

    Haven't fitted a stud before but presume drill small pilot hole first then screw and glue?


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    Don't do it. The wood on the from of a stutzen stock is very thin and will probably bend to touch the barrel if you fit a bipod. Or even split. That's not what it's designed for. Just use a pair of telescopic sticks instead.

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    Sacrilege, don't do it! Go & wash your mouth out!! Not the way to go IMHO.
    Stutzens are not really suitable for bipod use although it is possible & I have seen it done.
    But if you do decide to do the evil deed, don't put the stud too far forward. Think about the match of the bipod mount profile to the forend form.
    Stutzens can be very susceptable to bad grouping due to folks using too much force on the forend, & the wood/nose piece adversely pressing on the barrel. Even a bad for end hand position / grab can do it!
    A bipod is very likely to worsen this tendancy.
    Whenever I fit a front stud on a rifle, I always use the type that has a nut to be let into the barrel groove on the wood. I have also been known to let in & bond a tapped plate into the channel to spread the load more.


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    Apologies for this momentary relapse gentlemen.....I am sure you are quite right- keep it simple and traditional! That is after all why I bought the stutzen. Chewing on the Imperial Leather right now.

    I have yet to zero- interesting point on the hold sensitivity. Any thoughts on best .308 ammo for the Ruger? Have some 170Gn Geco soft point to try. My (non stutzen) ruger 7x57 is pretty ammo specific but loves seller and bellot (none of that in .308 at my RFD sadly)


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