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Thread: Trolls Beware.

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    Trolls Beware.

    Found this on another site (AR)
    Big brothet IS watching!

    Posted 13 April 2010 22:06 Apparently a Profile being referred to as Quarrelsome Paranoia is being looked into by police firearms licencing departments as an indication of suitability for firearm certificate holders.

    I heard this through a contact in one of the northern constabularies who is using data collected from internet sites to vet FAC/SGC holders. Not sure how they get through the tag name/identity issues , but it ominious.

    I only found the below posted link as an indication of what they are looking for. Sounds like a cross between the internet and road rage

    Quarrelsome Paranoia

    We've known for some time that the sites are monitored but this is the first time I've heard that logs are being kept.


    "Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut."
    Ernest Hemingway.

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    Well it does not suprise me. I HOPE that the few idiots that have tried to damage this site or behave in an aggresive and troublesome manner to others on this site and any other site TAKE HEED, not only could you loose your FAC but you could end up with a criminal record.

    Some may feel that we over moderate this site, but Admin feel that through this moderating we have kept the idiot factor to a low level, and we do have a zero tolerence for those that cause nothing but trouble on this site.

    Having said that we encourage and welcome everyone and are happy to see so many new members joining and look forward to their input on the site.

    Thank you


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    The internet, like any other medium is traceable.

    Just like every mobile phone conversation is "filtered" for key phrases, so is the web.

    There are several people who keep popping up time after time of various sites and deliberately cause problems - I could name names, but wont bother as we all know to whom I refer (thats plural, not singular)

    Accurate Reloading has suffered issues recently, with certain individuals, as have other sites I am a member of.

    These people who persistantly try and wind others up, or cause problems would do well to take note - especially if they are firearms holders....

    The world is a very small and traceable place.......

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    I find this extremely worrying for several reasons. The most obvious one is that those in firearms licencing are not known for being the most technically savy people in the universe and their grasp of simple common sense and logic seems somewhat wanting, you need only read the legal section to see examples. So I would be concerned that there is great potential for them to grasp the wrong end of the stick. For example the recent discusssion on shooting deer near to your boundary as they cross onto your ground could easily provide someone with a suitably twisted mind with evidence that people were posting suggesting that it was OK to shoot deer that were not on your ground. This isn't what was being said in the discussion but I can easily see how some of the comments could be taken out of context and be shown in that light. Pop goes someone's FAC because of a casual comment which didn't make it clear the deer they were shooting were on their side of the boundary and not on the other side.

    It is also a worry that we are unable to discuss licensing problems without being monitored. Many of these conversations are full of "what if..." type discussions but there is often enough info in them to relate them to an FAC application and I think it unreasonable that what is said here should have any impact upon the granting, or not, of a FAC. People often test out ideas here that they would not actually test out in the real world and so it is unreasonable to allow this to reflect badly upon them unless there is actual evidence in the real world that they are unsuitable in some way. Equally any suitably devious person could glean enough info on an individual FAC application to allow them to make postings which might appear to come from the person making the application. For example if I were to check the legal section and see someone post details of their FAC application and some specific problem with it I could then go to another forum, register as a user taking care to hide my trail, and make posts which might reflect badly on the appliciant and which would contain information very specific to his application. Consider for example if I were, posing as the FAC applicant, to make death threats against a specific member of the firearms team in the police area involved in my imaginary sceniaro. How would the real applicant ever prove that he didn't make the posting? I would certainly expect the police to have to react to such a threat as it is unacceptable and it is also unlikely that a person making such a threat should be considered suitable to have a firearm. I would venture to suggest that it would be impossible for him to prove that he didn't make the posting, especially as I would wait until he was online and had just made a post with his real user ID before I made the "false" posting, with average student awareness of security I'm pretty certain that I could spoof the IP address of the false posting to make it look as if it had come from his PC. That is how easy it is to stitch someone up once the police monitor forums like this one for "evidence." It is also alarming that, usually, the people searching for and dealing with such evidence have only a very limited understanding of computer security and how easy it is to spoof an IP address or similar.

    As you might gather I'm deeply unhappy about the police using evidence from internet forums, of any sort, as despite what they might claim it is virtually impossible to connect this evidence to an individual with any reasonable degree of certainty unless the person involved was actually witnessed typing and making the posting. The PC, IP addres or MAC address can't commit the offence and there is no easy way to tie these to a person unless he is caught in the act or admits to it.

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    Trolls Beware

    I entirely agree with Caorach.
    Whereas some posts can be deliberately aggressive i would not like to think that someone could get a criminal record for what is basically the right of freespeech.
    Our country would be the worst for it.


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    You have raised very valid points, and I share your concerns. However I would hope that common sense might prevail I know that might not be the case.

    But as with most sites we do get the same old few idiots making trouble. We have had Trolls on here, and persistant trouble makers. I think and hope that the powers that be are more concerned with those individuals that use threatening tones, language, either on the open forum or through PM's. Then you also have those who try joining over and over again and try to cause problems, and write in such a manner that one could consider undermining or have undertones of deformation of character.

    With the world wide webb it is possible to undertake bullying, harrasment call it what you will at a distance from behind a key board. Not only are these people cowards they are also to my mind slightly unbalanced. Woudl you want anyone owning a firearm that is that way inclined.

    There is nothing wrong with debate and people holding an opinion, but if people join a website forum to cause nothing but trouble and threaten any person, I think they deserve all that comes to them.

    SO Trolls, troublemakers and those that try to rejoin and cause further issues beware, your time may come!!! think on before sending any texts, PM's etc, even if you are not resident in the UK

    Thank you


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    Quote Originally Posted by sikamalc View Post
    SO Trolls, troublemakers and those that try to rejoin and cause further issues beware, your time may come!!!
    I suspect that the police are unlikely to have any interest in the "troll" who comes on here to disrupt the discussion. You may well find that their interest will focus on the chap who, for example, mentions that he has just shot a fox although his FAC is only conditioned for deer. In fact the trolls might, in part, do their job for them by winding perfectly reasonable people up to say something out of character, or something that is just untrue in the hope it will drive the troll off. The troll might be the policeman's best friend.

    In saying that this site is a credit in the very limited trolling that goes on and in the very valuable information that is readily available and provided with no ego trips. As a beginner I find it most useful and I try to assist others where my very limited experience allows as my path to my first deer was neither simple nor short. I hope we will not need to add a disclaimer to all our posts indicating that all content may be fictitious and that none of the events described have actually taken place. As a regular angler I should probably be made to add such a disclaimer to all my posts as a matter of course.

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