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Thread: Photography of a fired rifle

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    Photography of a fired rifle

    Right my dad has a cannon 5D mk3 😏
    plan is to Try and captured the bullet as it leaves the barrel/ moderator

    has anyone tried this or can give us some tips

    rifles are .17 HMR AND .22-250 😇

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    Regards JCS
    Strawnry! Thank you for posting that.

    I was especially fascinated by the number of bullets that didn't go right through or destroy themselves completely…you can still see the back end continue rotating even after 95% of the body has either gone or is embedded in the plate.

    The petals formed on my GMX bullets do not follow the rifling grooves at all…in fact the ones I have found have not peeled back that far…stopping just short of the rifling grooves.

    Look forward to seeing what your dad's Cannon can do Neil1974


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    You aren't likely to see anything meaningful on video or high shutter speed images using a "domestic" camera.

    A dedicated ultra-high speed camera is needed for sharp stills and good quality video.

    I did a physics A-level project which involved capturing images of air gun pellets passing through slices of butter and measuring the energy imparted.

    I used a domestic SLR set on "bulb" (B) for shutter speed, in a pitch black room. A high-power flash (Metz 60, I think) was "tricked" into delivering its shortest flash, very close. It was triggered by the pellet passing through a beam.

    We think the shutter speed was about 1/40,000 and the pellets are seen as streaks.

    You need a speed of around 1/1,000,000 to achieve results like Doc Edgerton's famous images of bullets passing through playing cards and apples.

    Lots of info on the web. Eg: here

    If you want to capture a bullet moving at only 100fps, you need a shutter speed (flash duration) of approx 1/24,000 of a second. Even then, the bullet will have moved around 5% of its length, so may not look pin-sharp.

    With muzzle velocity in excess of 2500fps, you need much, much shorter durations of flash/strobe.

    There are tips on the link I posted. It can obviously be done if you're prepared to put some time (and money?) in.

    Hope to see some stunning pics on here in the future! Good luck!

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    Thanks for posting, that was amazing to watch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by martyn52 View Post
    This is the closest we got Attachment 58187

    Muzzle-flash isn't that hard to catch, even with a phone:

    But pics like this are more tricky (not one of mine!):

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    Thanks for the help / link I think the best he will get is a flash and recoil photos
    i have to try with him as dads are always right I will just have to sit and look at smoke for 2-3-4 hours as he shows me all the photos �� yes dad that's got to be it lol

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    This was fun!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Look at the barrel flip on pic 4.
    So much to learn and so little time left

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	image.jpg 
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    We got smoke lol shutter speed was 8000 pre second

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