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Thread: .22 T-bolt trigger

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    .22 T-bolt trigger

    My dad has got a T-bolt in .22lr which is a brilliant rifle, apart from the trigger. It is simply terrible. There is absolutely no movement in the blade as you squeeze and suddenly it goes of without any feel as to when it will break. He has reduced the pull weight as low as it will safely go but hasn't improved it at all.

    Does anyone else know of this problem and know of any fixes? He is open to ideas even an aftermarket trigger unit as the rest of the gun is perfect.

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    It has a terrible trigger, and as far os I know there is little that can be done to modify it.
    The trigger assembly is plastic, which doesn't lend itself to honing and polishing.
    The only thing I can think of is to have a good look at the rimfire central browning forum
    to see if anybody has found a cure.
    Browning - Forums


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