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Thread: Many thanks to The Scudd

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    Many thanks to The Scudd

    I have been a long time of posting this, but after joining the site I was in need of some Deer Blood to start my young Teckle on the Tracking Job...

    The Scudd sent me a message as he was reasonably close by, and very kindly directed us to his house one evening last month were he furnished me with not only a big bottle of blood, but various other useful tracking bits and also very kindly a big box of sausages and burgers.

    The Burgers I am keeping for a bbq, but the sausages have been the best venison ones I have ever eaten, and there are a few left.

    Although he refused any payment for his kind gesture, he did make us carry a washing machine out of his garage!

    It is nice to know that there are still some very genuine and generous hunting men about these days.

    Thanks again Scudd - Good Hunting.

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    thanks for the kind words, glad to be able to help.

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