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Thread: Hello from NZ based pom

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    Hello from NZ based pom

    Hi all I am a Christchurch, New Zealand based Brit. I hunt reds, fallow, tahr, chamois and pigs but don't get out nearly as much as I'd like due to having two young kids. Hunt in the moutains once every couple of months, mostly bivvying out or staying in backcountry huts on weekend trips and occasionally longer hunts.

    I use a Weatherby .270, the missus has a Ruger .243 and I use a Marlin .22 mag for hares.

    I moved to nz in 2006, and access to hunting was a big draw. Access to public land here is amazing. All my hunting is on public land although i had access to some private land for fallow for a while which was awesome.

    I havent shot any big trophies, and hunt for meat. The kids love rare venison, and I make a mean tahr rendang.

    I used air rifles since a teenager and always wanted to deer stalk but never got together in the Uk. Looking forward to being a member of the forum and sharing what I can.

    Big ups to my old mate Pob who introduced me to the forum.

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    Welcome, sounds like you made up for it over there by not hunting here.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Cheers, happy to provide advice to anyone heading to nz . Good forum and great to learn more about uk stalking.

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    Welcome Paul. Looking forward to seeing your hunting pics and write-ups. You never know, one day I might even feature in some of them.
    (Can I just apologise in advance for all the time that you will waste on this forum, particularly reading the ding dongs over bloody Blasers)

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    Cheers pob! Hope we can get you over here for a month of hunting before too long.

    I will postsome stories and pics. Hope to reciprocate time suck with introcing you to the nz hunt fish forum! Next big trip will be 5 days in the Caples valley after sneaky fallow. Hope to chase some tahr soon but theres a heap of new snow in the hills.

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