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Thread: Second stalked deer - stalking with KevinF

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    Second stalked deer - stalking with KevinF

    Hi all,

    Managed to get out stalking over the weekend with Kevin. After some very good training with IanF I managed to take my first "stalked deer" (as in the previous but one entry). After that I've been gagging to get out again and Kevin found some time for me to stalk.

    Met Kevin at 0530 at the RV and transferred to his vehicle for the short drive to the area. It was a clear day with a fairly cold breeze blowing. Small amount of preparation and we were off to the first area - some woodland at the back of some farm buildings. As far as I 'm concerned it's a case of monkey see monkey do - I mimmicked everything Kevin was doing, use of binos, stopping and scanning and quiet movement in the hope that eventually something will rub off! We moved off slowly into the wood and after 20??mins Kevin motioned quite urgently to stop and get ready, to our right was a Roe coming straight towards us about 40 metres away. As I was rolling the rifle off my shoulder it winded us and did a runner. Luckily it was a doe so although nice to see wasn't a goer. Re-shouldered the rifle with my heart thumping and we carried on the stalk. Nothing more in the wood so we started to move off to a different area Kevin had in mind. On crossing a fence we saw a Roe in a cut maize(I think?) field. On using the binos it was obvious it was a buck in velvet. We hurriedly re-crossed the fence and started to move along the woodline to see if we couldn't stalk in to it - plan being to get above it and shoot down onto it using my binos as a bipod (thanks IanF!). Moved up a path to get above it and soon realised it had bugged out. Kevin re-located it and decided we should move back down the hill as we were now upwind of it. Moved down into a position to do a left flanking stalk and started to move up towards where we thought he was. As we moved up the hill Kevin spotted a Muntjac buck moving up the side of a field, it hadn't spotted us and at this point was about 100 metres away to our left. He seemed to know exactly where he was going, but still hadn't noticed us. He turned right along a shrub lined bund line and Kevin said it was good to go if I wanted(and was happy) to take the shot. The rifle was up on the sticks but I think, and Kevin can verify, I hummed and haa'd a bit - obviously much smaller than a roe, targetwise I mean. Anyway after a bit of prevarication on my behalf, Kevin stopped it with a shout and I realised there would only be a couple of seconds before it would realise the score and leg it. Remembering what I'd been taught by IanF a few weeks before I aimed, let the crosshairs fall onto the target area and fired. The muntjac jumped, ran for about 10 metres turned back on itself and fell. No more movement. We left it for a few minutes and then went up had a quick look and Kevin suggested we should have a look for the roe. Unfortunately it had decided to make a move so we turned our attention to the Muntjac. With a little tuition Kevin left me to gralloch the deer whilst he fetched the vehicle. I managed, messily(more messily than probably necessary!) to do a job on the deer, then it was back to Kevins for tea, bacon and eggs!

    Yet again Kevin managed to get me into deer (quite important for a novice like myself!) and this time I managed to hit it!(Thanks to the coaching from IanF) so thanks very much Kevin, had a brilliant day and it was no less brilliant dealing with the carcase later on that day. Bit hard to skin though...was warned about that! Having Muntjac loin on Friday and haunch on Saturday.

    And now to attempt to upload the picture Kevin took for me.....think it may have worked...
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    Folks -

    Si is a sponge, learning quicker than I did at the start - and no doubt because he has spent more time with Pheasant, Malc and IanF, rather than under my malign influence.

    To his great credit, Si turned the shot down when I first offered it by asking if he was confident at the (then) distance. Later, the buck was closer and stopped at my shout in a clear patch. Si took the shot calmly and accurately- some 60 yds off sticks.

    Si well deserves his warm after-glow.
    KevinF -

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    Nice read well done on your muntie.

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    Congrats Si on your muntie..

    Your starting to rack them deer up mate..

    And well done Kevin..


    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Nice work the pair of you. Well done Si on the great stalk and excellent write-up, and well done Kevin on the guiding. Top job!


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    Well done Si, good write up again, its like being in the trenches with you

    I am sitting here with envy as said you are starting to rack them up now, I will have to set Kevin F a real challenge and see if he can educate me also.


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    Nice one mate. Another first to remember.

    Good one Kev, good to meet you yesterday


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