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Thread: Wild fishing in Scotland survey?

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    Wild fishing in Scotland survey?

    Has anyone else seen the "Wild Fishing in Scotland" survey?

    Very interesting indeed in that it all goes along nicely until you get to the trick questions which basically ask how much of a tax per day you'd be willing to pay, over and above the cost of fishing, ghillies etc. to go wild fishing in Scotland. A most alarming development, though not unexpected of a government engaging in a land grab and trying to find ways to make cash from the land they are grabbing

    Survey - Wild Fishing in Scotland

    Worrying times for those who fish, shoot or simply mind their own business in Scotland.
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    You might have to end up buying fishing licences like those south of the border

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    A lot easier to fill in than the response questionnaire on the wild fisheries reform review by Andrew Thin !

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