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Thread: Hi I'M BACK!

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    Hi I'M BACK!

    Hi Guy's n Gals,
    Got back from hols today. I don't want to clutter up this space with my holiday snaps, so for those who want to see under the sea, I'll put em in the pictures slot. (capture a moment).

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    nice pictures mark
    looks like you had a fantastic time

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    Very nice pics Mark.

    Been ages since i've been diving - looks like i may need to get back into the water!

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    Hi buckup, fantastic pickies mate... i love my diving and living near bournemouth theres a lot of good wreck diving to be had along the coast.. i visited kuredo in the maldives which was awesome and ive been fortunate to dive with killer whales near norway... great photos fella what an experience

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    welcome back buckup,looks great out there thanks for sharing the great pictures with us.

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    Great pics Mark

    Quite envious!

    All the best,

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    Hi mark
    Nice pics mate. Its nice to see another member on here with the same interests as myself
    Im an IANTD trimix instructor but most of my diving now is cave & cavern diving. been a member of the british cave diving association for about 10 years now & dived wookey hole many times
    great pics mate

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