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Thread: who has the highest high seat?

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    who has the highest high seat?

    all this talk of high seats got me thinking, who has the highest high seat?

    is there anyone out there that needs "SRT" kit to get into thier seat?

    anything over 100ft high?

    its just abit of fun, my highest seat would be no more than about 20ft, so not that high.


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    My highest is 16ft to the seat bottom, so I'm not even close Skipp.

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    I have two high seats situated in Dumfries that are over 30ft stayed off with stainless wires to adjusting plates Timber Constructed and raised with an A frame with a series of chain blocks and ropes.
    Could not use one of them last year as a barn owl nested in it rearing 3 chicks the was 4 but the other chicks ate it.

    I noticed the last time I was up its roosting in it again so I need to make a proper owl box attached to the side of it so I am not wading through gorged pellets every time i use it
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    20ft Steely,

    It came off of Fleebay in 5 4ft sections - high enough! Built it and lifted it 'the hard way' on my own one hot summers evening two years ago - then promptly shot the smallest fully grown Munty Doe you've ever seen!


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    My highest high seat has 3 6' ladder sections as well as a 2' section where the seat is, so I guess 20' in total. I'm not saying it's heavy, but three of us couldn't lift it up when all three ladder sections were on, so we removed one and left it at about 15'. With three sections in it was that high that by the time you were up there anything on the ground was out of range


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    I occasionally end up on the top of Boasbheinn ,an 875m hill near Gairloch when stalking.I spy from the cairn whilst seated.....does that count?

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    sorry scostpine that doesent count, niether does taking an office chair to the top of a cliff.


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    I do not know if its still there but quite a few years ago stalked at a place near Inverness and high seat there would give anyone vertigo. It must have topped 30ft then built on a knoll on the side of a hill the stalker was a chap called Trevor Jeans we had a good week too.

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    It was Trevor Jeans who first took me to the top of Boasbheinn.....via a nigh on vertical chute! He obviously likes heights.

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    Used a seat in Devon, near Gt Torrington, that was used as a Firewatch post in summer. Getting in and out was fearsome !


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