Decided to let go of this wonderful rifle.

FN supreme commercial action with 3 position safety - This is probably the epitome of high quality mauser actions along with the 1909 argentino, and will make for the finest in any custom building project as well.

The action is stunningly smooth, and the trigger breaks extremely clean at around 1lb

It carries swing floorplate engraved Peter Minion of Derby

The stock is original FN and shows quite a bit of wear, but is very comfortable.

The barrel is a custom stainless varmint profile (I was told Krieger when I purchased it), and is 25" long with 1/2" UNF recessed 11 Deg target crown

The bolt face shows a few signs of pitting, but makes no difference to the gun. When I purchased it I was told it was from previous hot loads in the original barrel, not the new custom barrel.

The barrel is basically like new, proud rifling, no pitting, basically spotless and will go thousands of rounds. I have measured it at my best attempt and believe it's 1:14 twist, but could be 1:12. Irrespective, it handles 55g bullets in it's stride.

With 55g sako factory ammo, this rifle will group 10 rounds in the 10 ring on bisley targets. I have managed to fire 10 rounds consecutively within 1/4", basically one large ragged hole. It really does shoot that well!

I have glass bedded the front of the action so is fully floating.

Sling not included, it's old but I love it and am keeping it ;-)

This rifle is simply awesome for targets, roe, fox, varmint, you name it.

I recently purchased a similar action for another custom build project and paid over 600 just for the action, they are that sought after and special/hard to find in the UK.

Why I am selling this I don't know!!!

Given how special the action is, and the very very good condition custom barrel, this rifle has got to be worth 750 (in fact much more IMHO)

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