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Thread: Identify this anschutz .22

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    Identify this anschutz .22

    I have a Anshutz .22lr however I'm not sure what model it is.

    It doesn't have a shell deflector I'm looking to get one but I need to know what model it is. It's got the screw holes for the deflector.

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    I thought that but could it be a 520? what's the difference?

    Any suggestion on sourcing the deflector?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhuarc View Post
    I thought that but could it be a 520? what's the difference?

    Any suggestion on sourcing the deflector?
    Didn't 520's come with birch(hardwood) stocks and the 525 walnut? A US importer has had a few of these and that's the only difference I could see.~Muir

    PS: Could you make a deflector from sheet aluminum? You've got the holes....

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    Early models had the muck vents, later models did not.
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    Shell deflector and screws are for sale here. Don't dilly dally around, as they will be gone soon.
    If they won't ship to you and you need some assistance, PM me.
    520/61 ANSC Accessories | Numrich Gun Parts

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    Thanks very much, however they want to charge $40 for delivery. I think I may have to make my own.

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    Is there any legal problem with having someone in the USA ship it to you by Parcel Post? It would fit into a padded envelope and cost only a few $$ for mailing.

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    I found the part no 28/ /38serial no shutz deflector but i cant find a price , shouldn,t be too much try rimfire majic at yorkshire,

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