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Thread: LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) - Ring Aurora

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    LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) - Ring Aurora

    LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL) - Ring Aurora
    Recently LED style lighting has become popular due to many vehicles currently on the road having built in LED lights, in particular the ‘Audi Style’ lighting. H45mm (with Bracket) H60MM (Without) x W147mm x D56mm Ring - Aurora 150mm LED Daytime Running Lamps The new unit is designed for retrofitting to give any vehicle an unmistakable modern look, that is sure to get your car noticed.
    Drivers could use their headlamps for daylight running standard halogen bulbs will increase vehicle’s energy consumption. LEDs have negligible energy consumption and compared to halogen bulbs have a superior long service life and with very intense high powered LED lights which improves vehicle visibility, which can significantly reduce the risk of accidents during daylight hours. The LEDs come Complete with automatic switching unit so lights illuminate when the engine is switched on but will extinguish when the vehicle sidelights are turned on if required.

    According to the Institute for Road Safety Research crash studies have shown that not having seen the other road user plays a role in some 50% of daytime crashes. Furthermore as a Day Light Running Lamp will contrast the car from it surroundings making it more visible. January 2011 will see the coming into force of European legislation that states all cars manufactured after that date will require E approved daylight running lights.

    The lights in this pack are E marked to ECE R7. They come with the ability to illuminate when the engine is started and to switch off when the sidelights/headlights are switched on therefore complying with current EU legislation.

    • Improves vehicle visibility and reduces the risk of accidents in daylight hours • Reduced fuel costs and CO2 compared to using dipped beam • Fitted with 5x 1.5w ultra bright LEDs • Provides a narrow, intense beam of light • Includes fixing brackets • Fitting instructions included

    Bought in error as they won't fit my car 50 posted UK
    Listed on other sites

    One and only price drop 45 posted these are new only checked for fitting and my grill is to small
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