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    Zeiss POI


    Ok, on my 22 250 barrel, of the rifle we won't mention, I've a 3-12 x50 Duralyt scope.

    When I put this scope, on it's mount onto the 308 barrel, I know that with 2 clicks of elevation the rifle is where I want it, 1.5" ish at 100 yards.

    Now I've a 3-12x56 HT on it's own mount on the 308 barrel and thats zeroed.

    What I'm wondering is, if I put the HT onto the 22 250 barrel, will it be the same 2 clicks of elevation to be on song?

    The clicks on the Duralyt are same as the HT, 1cm at 100m.

    Hope this makes sense, I think I've confused myself typing the post..

    Any thoughts?


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    Possibly, but I'd check it on paper to be sure

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