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Thread: New Members Introduction

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    New Members Introduction

    Hi All

    New to site and first time getting involved on a forum! My mate convinced me to. So, at the request of the administrators, here goes......

    I live in the Scottish Borders and have been stalking for 24 or so years. Shoot predominately Roe over 3,500acres here, with occasional Sika, Red and Fallow elsewhere. Managed semi professionally for several years over 5,000acres of some of the best Sika stalking in the Borders (until politics and seriously big money got involved!). I currently shoot with a custom built .243AI topped with a 6-24x50 Swarovski, but have used, .270, .308, several .22-250's, .243's and .25-06. Load my own which began for accuracy but as much now for cost! (can anyone else remember 11 for a box of .243's???) Own several gun dogs and use GWP for the stalking.

    Hope that's enough of an insight meantime otherwise I risk boring you all.


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    Welcome Brian , Look forward to hearing some stories and experiences . Atb Brough

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    Welcome Brian, hope you make some new friends through the site, and we look forward to hearing your experiences.



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    Hi Brian and welcome to the SD

    I,m sure you'll find lots of useful info on this site. I certainly have.

    Cheers Muz

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