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Thread: Top of the food chain

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    Top of the food chain

    I was talking to the girlfriend last night and I told her of a friend who had of a mate who decided to try and eat fox one day. Im told he cut of the saddle, coated it in wonderful tempting spices and garlic and went onto roast it on a slow heat. MMMM yummy he thought as he opened the oven, or so I was told by my firend, then he took a bite and promptley threw minging Charlie in the bin.
    Now the reason for this... I told her was charlie is just a minging chicken killing fiend but she said theres more to it than that. What she said was that we are at the top of a food chain and a fox would also in its own right be at the top of its food chain and any animal at the top of a food chain shouldnt eat others at top. I was scratching my head at this and she went onto explain. She told me that alot of South African tribes only eat certain animals as the ones at the top of the food chain (carnivors) are full of toxins that if eaten over extended periods are bad for them, in perticular the liver which is loaded with toxins.
    She also went onto say that this didnt apply to animals on the lower food chains such as Herbivours which of course are safe to eat. So basically carnivore shouldnt eat carnivore?
    Hence why lions hunt herbivours unless starving.

    Any comments on this please as Im sure someone will know about this.


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    I dont know about the food chain thing, but I spoke to one of these guys who eat road kill. He reckoned fox tastes like salt beef, which I am a big fan of, but it hasn't convinced me to try it.

    On thinking about your post tho, people eat snakes, alligator, pig (and probably some my head cant remember, which are either predators or will eat meat.

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    No experiance with eating fox but am partial to a chewing on some beaver from time to time
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    Likewise....always found that a nice bit of pussy takes some licking!

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    I recently read that Polar Bear liver is toxic to human beings !

    Beaver is better !!


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    The problem with beaver is that you try and eat it all at once ! By the time you realise you cant and its passed its sell-by date .It contracts a virus that empties your bank account.

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    If its salt beef flavour, then last night we wasted an awful lot of beef & onoin subs!
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    i am sorry but it sounds alot like pish to me. carnivora is only used for taxonomic purposes (dentition), it is not really an indication of the dietry requiremnts of the animal in question. we (humans) eat carnivora on a regular basis. Dog's, primates, Badger etc etc i would say you friend's cooking skills are to blame for the rank tasting fox, not its palitability.


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    I think I will limit my appetite to eating pussy thanks.
    The smell of fox puts me off it stinks like the inside of a *****house on a fleetwood trawler

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    I see what your saying Skipp but what meat eating animals do we humans eat? I can only think of herbivours and as for Dogs, badgers and foxes....once again they are at the top of there food chain again are they not?


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