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Thread: Venison in the freezer

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    Venison in the freezer

    Well just been in the freezer to get some meat out for tomorrow,
    At the bottom of the freezer I have found a leg of venison and 2sirlions with the date 23 4 2014. So over a year old,
    So my question is are they still ok to eat, being in mind, my misses is breast feeding a 8week old baby and we have a boy of 3.

    Cheers for you help

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    If looks OK as in no freezer burn then Yeh.
    Does the meat look in different colours?

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    Looks a little greenish and darker in some places.

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    The eating quality may have diminished slightly but I would have no problem eating it.
    If you are concerned about your good lady don’t give her any.
    If it was mine I would make a casserole or something along those lines.

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    If I recall right - the EU had a frozen 'beef mountain' that was still passed out when needed, so should not be a problem.


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    Assuming its been frozen the whole time and provided it is defrosted properly (in fridge) and then cooked thoroughly, there will be no harmful effects. Personally I would defrost it, then give it a quick once ovet, cut out any pieces which have freezer burn, shot damage, fecal contamination etc. and then cut it up and slow cook it in a casserole. What you don't eat you could then freeze.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dgb3245 View Post
    cut out any pieces which have fecal contamination
    Why on earth someone would put fecal contaminated meat in his freezer?

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    Cheers for the advice, got it in the fridge defrosting now, going to see what its like, then chop out any bad bits if any and casserole it up? as for the sirlion, i will just have to have it all myself, wouldnt want to risk the misses getting ill with it undercooked

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    I recall some years ago Manchester Uiverisity carried out an experiment of frozen beef, it had been frozen for over 16 years!!, it was derfrosted, cooked, and apprently tasted quite nice!, so I do not really see a problem with your venison, in comparison it has just been grassed

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    As already said defrost properly and cook through well,
    Slow cooker the thing for the bottom of freezer surprise specials


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