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Thread: Spraying Japanese Knotweed

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    Spraying Japanese Knotweed

    Alright folks

    Was just wondering if anyone has any experience of sppraying Jap Knotweed?
    A mate has asked me to spray some for his neighbour.

    I have had a bit of a google about, depending wot read/believe it can be killed if u persevre (althou 1 punter reckons he killed it with 1 spray of very strong Glycophos)

    I have some undiluated Glycophospate/Clinic Ace, cannae mind wot strength it is now (but normal farmer strength concentrate). I was thinnking of diluting it far stronger than u would normally (normal 200ml to 10l, possibly 1l:10?) and i was going to wait for a bit of a dry spell so leaves will take any water in, althou i hoped to have sprayed it before now when plant is really growing but never had a decent dry spell and soil still has plenty of moisture.
    Althou some advice say's best to wait till it flowers?

    After the 1st spray i thought i would wait till it dies back after a month cut it and inject some Glycophos into the stem. I have been told there is a membrane about ground level that ur have to peirce to get the poison down to the roots.

    Does the above make sense? Shuld i wait for a long dry spell (wether that ever happens in scottish summer time??) or should i just get on and get it sprayed the 1st dry day? Or should i wait till it flowers?
    Is it worth cutting to inject the stem's? (Will not be removing any plants from the area)

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    Never seen it killed with one dose of glyphosate, spray in early spring, the younger the growth the better, and keep at it, usually for a couple of years.Chipman nomix did trials in Devon with a product of theres, can,t remember the name, but had good success, but it was expensive.

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    This is useful advice - especially regarding cut-back disposal -

    Assume you (and the said neighbour) are aware of the legal ramifications of knotweed?
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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    I did some very successful treatment but it is very time consuming.
    You will need.
    A pippette. A jar of mixed up chemical ( I used Roundup for Knotweed). A sharp knife. A long thin screwdriver.
    First wait. You need two things to happen. First is never try to treat any stem that is smaller than your pinky finger. Second is wait until it has flowered in August and is there fore about to die back for the winter.
    Okay. Cut back, one stem at a time close to ground but above a stem nodule. Smash through nodule with screwdriver and then immediately insert chemical into stem. Do not remove knotweed trimmings from your ground as it is illegal. Leave them on the surface to die a rot away. Do not cover or bury them.
    Treated like this I removed a patch of knotweed very successfully with only two bits left that I was waiting to get large enough.
    Bloody house I have just bought has got it and will be starting again in August.
    Be patient.
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    its a bugger to kill you need to get roundup on when you see new growth ( spring time) and you can add a wetting agent this will allow you to get more roundup into the plant and also spray under the leaves not just the tops. I have seen the cutting of the stems and filling them with roundup work well but its still going to be a long job when you think you have won the battle it just pops up again. if you cannot get hold of a agricultural wetting agent to mix with your roundup just add a small amount of washing up liquid that works .

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    I saw it removed quickly years ago, but I'm not condoning the method. It was on a slight slope and what they did was take the caps off and roll drums of red diesel slowly along the top of the rise. The ground was saturated with red diesel and absolutely nothing grew back for years.

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    a long term treatment is the way forward !cut it down looks good yer Well it will grow back harder ever more suckers will come up? so inject it ? spraying will take longer . burn any you get out in place as per Teyhan is the best way . we have large amounts in some of the grounds I work in its a real bugger ,the welsh slag heaps have a lot to answer for ???

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post
    a ,the welsh slag heaps have a lot to answer for ???
    what have the females from port Talbot got to with it ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ndt man View Post
    what have the females from port Talbot got to with it ?
    Waiting for it to kick off

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    not nice but funny as feck

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