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Thread: Zeiss Terra Scope.

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    Zeiss Terra Scope.

    Morning all,

    I need a new scope for a 222, I was going to buy a 8x56 Zeiss (or similar). However, I have come across the Terra range, still Zeiss but made in Japan.

    My question, is anyone using one? Should I go for it, or go for the fixed, or (I suspect this will probably be the consensus) spend some more cash!

    It will be for mainly a fox gun.

    advice warmly welcome, was hoping to spend around 500 ish but this is a bit flexible if needed.

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    Hi jonathankent have not tried the new terra rang from ziess yet but I use two duralyt scopes I understand the terras are designed to replace the duralyts one I use on a 223 a 3x8x42 I find is more than up to the task at short range to well over 300 yrds even in poor light the other is a 3x12x50 no real difference in light gathering ability just gives alittle extra mag at the longer ranges Bearing in mind that I also own some high end scopes (swarovski and lieca) I think for the price you are looking at they are as good as you will get but thats just my oppinion I am sure there are others that would disagree
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    Reviews I have read on US web sites say that the Terra range are not that good and nothing like the quality of the Conquest range. Why dont you have a look at the Meopta range of scopes. They are very good glass for the money.

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    I read the us reports and was put off by them, till i actualy tried a terra on a rilfe and was impressed ,good mid priced scope.
    i how ever could nor agree more than to look at me0pta ived used 2 and was very impressd,as clear as any scopes ive used at good prices. .222 no tgoing to jolt it to much.
    Shop around there are some great scope for under 500 ,enjoy wha ever you buy.

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    The big sports center in the City is selling 'package' outfits with a Tikka T-3 Lite topped with a Terra 3-9X for. A friend of mine bought one in 308 and I've shot it several times. I would have a hard time telling it from my Conquests. Of course, neither of us are turrret fiddlers: once set at our max zero it's left there. Through 6 mos of hard use it hasn't moved at all.~Muir

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    Thanks Muir, so if it were your dollars would you buy one?

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    And thanks to everyone else too. I have a meo-pro already, they are ok. But I love my fixed Zeiss and the difference is noticeable.

    if needs be I will spend more cash, but the terras looked a bargain that was worth investigating.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonathankent View Post
    Thanks Muir, so if it were your dollars would you buy one?
    I have danced around buying a Terra but I've just not got the need right now. All my rifles are scoped -three of them with Conquests. Actually, if you count all rifles I have here, seven of them have 3-9X Conquests on board! Four of these belong to a buddy from the east coast who leaves them here year round. But to the point; Here the 3-9X Terra is $389 (+/-) The Conquest $599. Often they have deals like manufacturer's rebates on some models. I'd just have to see how the math and temptation worked out. From what i've seen though, I would buy a Terra if the need was there. It is still a Zeiss and they stand behind what they sell.~Muir

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    I've owned several Conquests and would always sing their praises,as probably the best value for money optics out there;that is until I took a good look through the Meostar range. Superior in every way and not that much more expensive. Which leads me to believe,although the Zeiss Terra may represent good value for money,look around and spend a little more on a scope that will bring a smile to your face every time you look through it. Meostar will do that for you,for a not a lot more money than a mid range scope.

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    Spend the same money as you would spend on a new Conquest or Terra on the equivalent but second hand Zeiss Victory glass. Then you will have the best of all worlds IMHO.
    Top glass backed up with great after sales service. The warranty on the Victory stuff is supported second hand.
    I haven't tested the Terra scopes , but if they are similar in quality to the Terra binoculars, I can see a significant difference against my Victory bins.


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