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Thread: Deerless but never Boared

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    Deerless but never Boared

    I had the pleasure of a long awaited return to Dumfriesshire to stalk with Colin (Solway Stalker) on his ground around New Abbey on Thursday.

    Whilst the bucks were conspicuous by their absence, we did see a number of yearling does, which bodes well for the future. Colin felt, that due to the cold wind, the mature does could be lying in cover with their young having the bucks in close attendance.

    Any disappointment at the lack of bucks was put aside by the vision of two large wild boar grazing in a field in the early evening. The estimate of their weights being 80-100 kg. Having never seen these animals outside of a zoo before, I will definitely be returning, equipped with night vision optics, to take advantage of one of Colin's Pig Seats in the autumn/winter.

    Thanks again Colin for a memorable experience.


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    Certainly ended your visit with a bit of excitement Mike , i will be keeping a close eye on that area from now on
    Friday was a quiet day on roe too but i did get two 6 pointers on saturday
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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