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Thread: LR Defender 110

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    LR Defender 110

    Morning Chaps - have been given the green light to get a Defender (max. 10 years old).

    I already have a '52 Series One but that's about the limit of my experience with the exception of a short dalliance with a Freelander.

    Please advise (warts and all) what there is to look out for in your experience, pluses / minuses / must haves etc!
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

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    happy fathers day to you sir...
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    Hi Hereford,

    All I would say is having owned several Land Rovers is don't bother you will forever be in the garage have the bonnet up or be laying underneath it trying to fix it again, Buy a Jap truck and you won't regret it there reliability compared to LR is second to none, What really amuses me is that people keep on supporting a manufacturer that builds such rubbish.

    cheers Neil.

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    Defenders go up in price year after year and the reliabiliy rumours are now just that. The owner of the biggest 4X4 hirers has stated LR products are now more reliable and resale higher than his Jappy fleet, he should know he has 2,000 of each. My 90 is going to be 8 in September and i've had a clutch and sump under warranty and a stripped wiper spindle.

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    Check out the gear box & transfer box for the hint of oil leaks, If you are my size & rough shape you should be able to drive it around with the windows shut.
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    I had the choice to buy any 4x4 this year I chose a hi lux

    i had a brand new in 2009 110 SW I had it 7 months it got stolen and stripped it had the battery back up siren , Disklok , x eng steering lock cover , tracker it disappeared in the night and was stripped before the tracker even had chance to work no noise what so ever

    Land Rover defender thefts are at an all time epidemic high it's not a case of if its when bear this in mind

    i can't really fault Land Rover in terms of reliability I've had about 6 and they all have been good motors if I had a garage or somewhere secure to store one I'd have chosen a defender

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    I own a 2012 Defender 110 SW xs and could not be more happy with it. The mileage, the response, everything about it makes me glad Europe makes something as strong as the GMC Yukon I had to give up when I left the United States. My 'Landi' seats 7 and this last winter pushing three feet of snow, not once but three times, I was the only one able to drive out to the main road. I have two neighbors, and they had to park their vehicles where they could drive down hill to the main road. My 'Landi' heater will drive you out in no time at all. If you have one, or owned one, you know they can be a wee bit noisy, but IMHO you can't do better. Easy to maintain and answer to every call.

    Good on you for getting the "green light".

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimh View Post
    happy fathers day to you sir...
    I see what you did there
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

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    Firstly the gearbox...change it for a hilux one
    whilst you're at it change the engine for a hilux one too.
    transfer box....change to a hilux one
    body shape....change for a hilux one.
    all the electrics.......change for hilux
    wheels and tyres?.....put hilux ones on it.
    by now you.l be approaching the perfect landrover
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    Ok - I know the Hilux is the dogs - but I need something big that'll seat 9 + dogs and be decent off road. I had a Navara king cab a few years ago but it was pants off-road unless you had half a ton in the back.

    I don't see many other options that tick my requirement boxes? Good to know to check for leaks from gear and transfer boxes - is there anything else that stands out as a real issue? Is there a mileage mid-life crisis where it's open wallet time?
    For Gods sake - don't tell her how much I've spent

    Ctrl-Alt FACT

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