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Thread: Variation query

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    Variation query

    I'm wanting to add a .22rf semi auto ASAP. Would it be quicker to to sign over my .22 bolt action to my friendly RFD and do a 1 for 1, applying for my .22 bolt later,or,time wise,is there not much difference between applying for a variation and a 1 for 1?

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    still a variation so no difference here
    suspect if you had to evaluate good reason as opposed to 141 it may take a little longer but I doubt it

    you have a .22, you need a semi for a similar job, not the most challenging aspect to process

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    Eigher way you have to send your licence in

    put in for another RF slot with whatever good reason you have

    while its in get an extra slot for something else as well while your paying

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    just ask for another .22lr,,, i have 2 x .22lr good reason is all you need,,,,i have semi auto and a bolt action bolt action for night shooting semi for fun
    .22lr, .22lr .222, .223, .243, .270, .308 , 12g fac, 12g, 12g, 12g, 12g
    and still growing.....

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    Thanks for your replies chaps. The semi would indeed be primarily for fun and the odd rabbit. Ideally I would apply for a 6mm at the same Time. Could long range rabbit,hare or goose be deemed a suitable reason for a 6mmbr do you think?

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    If you're thinking of a 6mm you should check out the 6XC. It is getting quite a reputation for being very very good!
    I shot one at the Swarovski/Blaser day at Cawdor recently & it performed superbly. -- Even I shot tight groups with it!
    You can get factory ammo for it too!


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    Thanks Ian,I'll look into that

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    As far as I'm aware, Goose with a rifle isn't a valid reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gunner269 View Post
    As far as I'm aware, Goose with a rifle isn't a valid reason.
    Rifle fine, semi not.

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