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    Perfect Evening

    I've just returned from an evenings stalking with Dave ( 308 Roebuck ) , and decided that after such a good night , a quick review was in order ...

    To be honest it was touch and go if the stalk was going to go ahead , as I only got back in the UK at six this morning from somewhere much hotter

    I agreed to meet up with Dave at a pub car park just off the A1 in Northumberland to travel up to the ground about 30 min away , we got to the ground and made our way down to a high-seat overlooking some " clear fell " within a few min a very nice Doe arrived to the left of us , we watched her for about 20 min until she decided that she was off , we could hear two deer barking to each other one to the left and one to the right , 10 min later a nice six point buck walked across the ground at about 150 to 160 yards , the 243 stopped it in its tracks , after dealing with it we walked down the track to another area , at a junction of two tracks another buck ( just about 6 point ) stepped out from the right , Dave barked at the deer , it stopped and again the 243 did the business ! Two nice bucks in 35 min , we watched another 4 or 5 deer and decided to call it a day .. Fantastic evening sport , with a cracking guide .. I would recommend stalking with Dave to anyone irrespective of experience ..

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