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    Having a look thru this loony diatribe, I see we now have proposals for an exam system to be allowed to own pets...... would my L2 exempt me on Grandfathers rights?
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    ....and her name is PETA! lol

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    With a bit of luck maybe she'll be their undoing. At the moment many people misguidedly believe that the RSPA is an animal welfare charity that looks after baby hedgehogs and stops nasty people from kicking puppies. But I think they'll soon lose support from normal members of society if she starts up with veganism and anti-farming values and Lord knows what else...
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    It's always nice to point out to Vegans that the primary fertiliser for organics is bllod and bone meal.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickeydredd View Post
    ....and her name is PETA! lol
    Changed it from Clammidia, perhaps.

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    Remove the Royal charter and see how they fair as just another charity same with the bird bunch who claim to be for all wildlife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mickeydredd View Post
    ....and her name is PETA! lol
    PETA: People Eating Tasty Animals.

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    It does seem that those ranged against fieldsports follow the maxim, 'if you cant beat them join them' - to defeat them from within.
    I am surprised at BASC but stunned by the RSPCA who need to be going back to basics to regain the support of the members for the actions of this mega-rich charity.
    Their new CE is likely to be a rare beast. Maybe JS will apply ?

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    The RSPCA have done a lot of doorstep canvassing for members. Very persistent too but I wouldn't give them a penny.
    They spend a fortune on political prosecutions.

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