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Thread: "Fury as cricket club has fox shot" - Imagine if it had been Bambi !!!

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    "Fury as cricket club has fox shot" - Imagine if it had been Bambi !!!

    Some really ridiculous comments in the article, but following on from the deer shooting thread witnessed by an "outraged" mother, it just shows the pressures we do face from the ignorant !!

    I do include the RSPCA in that as well !!

    Cheers + ATVB


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    Unbelievable. I am also surprised at the language used by the Telegraph, normally they ridicule stupidity. Sad times in which we live.

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    Interestingly the same article appears in The Mail......all the comments are supportive of the action !!!

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    MMMM Looking at the fox photo I think it was time they cut their grass

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    Just been onto the Daily Mail website to find their coverage and got rather distracted by the pics of a Catherine Zeta Jones. Anyway, struggled past the front page, headlines about CZJ having no issue with nudity, waded through the tasteful black and white shots of her sprawled on a bed and eventually got there - here's the direct link so you won't need to take the same torturous route I did

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    well i must admit i have sympathy for this situation but to say the least i am not impressed with the way this licensed pest conrol company has gone about things. Shooting at midnight, taking 3 shots at 1 fox, gunshots being heard by local residents? yes it is legal but it defies commmon sense, a silenced rifle, a single shot and at a more appropriate time would have kept this saga out of the publics eye or even a catch alive trap and a humane dispatch. It is unprofessional approaches to urban pest control that brings shooting / firearms and country sports into disrepute.

    a word that springs to mind is :MUPPETS.

    the publics reaction is as to be expected in this day and age. no common sense, but this seems to be the case with the pest controlers as well.

    i am sure people will diasagree with me on this one, they have dealt with it in accordance with the law and we should not have to hide the fact these procese are occouring all arround us, but i believe descretion is one of our best tools.

    Rant over



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    Skip, not disagreeing with you entirely, but there is also a difference between being discreet & trying to hide what we do, this is half the problem with the anti brigade today, as isolated "incidents", they make for a knee jerk reaction, they would probably have a dickie fit, if they knew how many went to the great chicken coop in the sky on a nightly basis!
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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    Steady on Skippy, Have you spoken to the Pest Control Officer. Did he actually fire three shots. If he did, were there perhaps three foxes that he shot, but didn't want to tell anyone that.

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    Something else to be sad about here...the very emotive language from the Telegraph. Articles using words like "gun down" and "slaying" are usually the tabloids territory. I would have expected something a little more objective from the Telegraph. Standards are constantly slipping it seems.


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    your both probably right finnbear270 and techman, no i have not spoken to the pest controll "officer". im affraid i have fallen into the trap of making an informed comment on the basis of a newspaper article! i should no better! apoligies!

    its still not how i would go about things but as you both point out, things are probably NOT as described in the press.

    note to self: Must remove foot from mouth!

    As for the "public diky fit" finnebaer270, i would expect if analysis of fox culling was put into the hands of the public, and comparisons made during and after the hunting ban that old charlie would become a protected species overnight!

    ITS all madness!


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