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Thread: Pickup/Quad bike combo...?

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    Pickup/Quad bike combo...?

    Hi all,

    Has anybody got a pickup and 4wd combo, where the quad can fit straight onto the flat bed?

    I'm guessing the best bet is to use a single cab pickup.
    The reason for asking is for ease of transport around different farms, and just pure curiosity.


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    I have road legal quad which saves the problem as long as the farms are not to far from each other

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    Good thinking, however they are spread all over the county.


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    I don't, but a close friend did have with Hilux Double Cab and an older 350cc Honda, which worked really well. Many times we used it for getting up hills with four big guys and paraglider all perched on it (OK health and safety would be tutting, but it would go at good fast walking speed and a lot eaiser than waling up with a 25kg backpack). For some reason he decided to sell it and change to a bigger 500cc and immediatly regretted it as a) it doesn't fit in the back of the pickup (too wide) and b) yes has a bit more grunt, but bigger heavier and not as nimble.

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    Every man is a damn fool for at least five minutes every day; wisdom consists in not exceeding the limit.
    Elbert Hubbard

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    Sounds like its possible.

    Kimh, that looks a little excessive!

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    Make your own flatbed.

    The old body on the lux was a bit rotten, so knocked up a flat bed.

    I haven't quite finished it off yet but its getting there and the cranes quite handy too.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    A guy that comes stalking in Kintyre uses a new shaped Ranger, his quad fits in the tub with the tailgate down. Not sure what make the quad is but it looks as big as my Honda 500

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    If its purely to transport the quad, I think a tow bar on a standard car and a trailer for the quad is a better (safer) option. I remember watching two lads at a jet wash taking a quad off and back on a hilux, to this day I'm amazed neither of them were maimed

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sprocker101 View Post
    Sounds like its possible.

    Kimh, that looks a little excessive!
    But quite simple to make using a 50 12v winch I would think.

    The old 350 Honda quads were quite small (TRX 350D) but relatively expensive now as they're a collectors item, wish I hadn't sold mine.

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