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Thread: Mid summers day - any body fancy skiing

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    Mid summers day - any body fancy skiing

    Been up in Torridon last weekend. Huge amounts of snow still in all the north facing corries of the slightly more inland mountains. Deer are all still down on their winter grazings. Mungo and I walked up to a hill loch, it was freezing with biting wind and rain. Nearly gave up after 20 min, but we had walked for an hour and half, and then his line went. Five minutes later a nice 9" browny was on the bank. 20 mins later his line went again and this time a 2lb fish was on the bank. He was happy. I did get a smile when I hooked into a good 10" long fish.

    The sun came out as we walked down, but can't help feeling I should have had skis and climbed out to corrie. Now that's normal for April, but not for mid June. I am sitting here at my desk in Edinburgh freezing and going to put the heating on.

    When end or when is the sun going to shine on us??????

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    That's global warming for you
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