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Thread: Unertl Scopes

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    Unertl Scopes

    Does anybody use the old vintage Unertl style scopes with the external windage and elavation adjustment and large spring.

    Quick google - the sort of thing shown below. A BSA Martini with a 17 HMR barrel and a long scope might be quite an intersting sort of rifle.

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    I have a .22 BSA Martini International Mk 5 with a 20X Lyman Super Targetspot target scope of the same type that I mounted on the rifle's original factory installed dovetails. It works very well indeed. The rifle cost me 50 in mint condition with iron sights 15 years ago, and the scope complete with its lovely original lined wooden storage transit / storage case 250 as a separate purchase immediately after getting the rifle (secondhand of course - likely long out of production even then), so it should be worth a bit more today. Original Unertl scopes, epecially the model used by WW2 and Korean / early Vietnam Wars' USMC snipers, are worth a small fortune to American collectors / sniping rifle enthusiasts.

    On a 22 rimfire, the recoil management system and scope-body movement in the mounts doesn't happen, so you don't have to reset the scope between shots.

    Doing a little online digging, the Lyman model was introduced in 1937 and production ended in the 1960s. It is so close to the Unertl that the Lyman and Unertl integral (external) mounts were interchangeable on the respective scope bodies.
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    Yes, I have used them, and the Lyman. Friends used them in Vietnam. They are very capable, and made for daily target and combat shooting on top of a .30-06. A friend of mine, retired Army, has several rifles with them. He has parts for them, as he used to build sniper rifles and maintain the scopes.

    Buy that rifle NOW. Hang onto it.

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