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Thread: first ever wright up

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    first ever wright up

    hi everyone, I'm not much for this kind of thing I'm more of a pen and paper guy but i have just come back form 10 days black bear hunting in British Colombia canada and i have to say it was incredible.

    now I've got lots of experience hunting in the uk i manage several estates for deer and vermin and have been full time gamekeeper for over 15 years so i know what to expect.

    the guides where real outdoors men full of knowledge and experience, very friendly and helpful, they new where to find the bears how to identify them quickly and most of all how to keep you safe in bear country.

    the scenery was as you can imagine spectacular snow covered mountains with lakes, rivers and streams with beaver dams and jumping trout, clear fell sites with moose and elk feeding grizzly bear on the high peaks. we had timber wolf howling in the wood all around us as it was getting dark and than will make your hairs stand on end!

    i saw close to 25 bears while i was out hunting and i saw quite a few colour phase bears too, the average north american black bear is 4 an half to 5 an half foot nose to tail i don't think i even saw a bear that small while i was there the average bear shoot there was around 6ft but the one i shot was 7ft nose to tail and just under 10ft with his legs!!!!

    in conclusion if your thinking of having a hunting holiday forget africa go to canada you will not be disappointed

    thanks for reading donny
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    what a great experience, thanks for sharing your adventure
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    Great bear you got there! Tell us more.

    How did you hunt them? Walk the riverbanks, and spot, then stalk?
    Sounds like you were hunting meadow, up in the mountains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by donny View Post
    in conclusion if your thinking of having a hunting holiday forget africa go to canada you will not be disappointed

    thanks for reading donny
    Thanks for sharing that, it makes a bit of a change! Are you bringing the skins back? I have to say that I have no particular desire to go hunting in Africa. If I had the time and money, I'd be heading straight to Canada!

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    so being spring the bears are fresh out from there long nap and have headed down the mountain for the best food, so we would drive and walk the logging roads looking for poop and other signs. when we found an area with lots of signs of bear we would glass the slides until we found what we were looking for then we would make a plan get are gear and start walking.
    if you were not fit enough to walk up the hill there was plenty of bears on the logging roads

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    I'm defiantly having the skins made into rugs id have a full mount if i had a bigger house!

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    That lap mag of yours has had a bit of variety now mate , good pics
    Say hi to the family and the lads
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    the 338 lap mag is an international super star now. susie and charlie say hi

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    Well done that man. Have PMd you.


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    How were the bugs? Spring bear hunts in the eastern provinces can be accompanied by bug storms of biblical proportions. Congrats on the bears - think you will be back for a color phases?

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