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Thread: Laptop Computer Batteries.

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    Question Laptop Computer Batteries.

    Come on you guys/girls that are into computers and I.T. can anyone recommend from personal experience an online company that is both reasonable on price and honest to supply a replacement battery for my ACER laptop computer.

    I have done several searches on the internet and there is no shortage of companies that can supply a battery but most of them look more than slightly dodgy. Even their names in some cases look suspect. Names like Flybynight batteries or the moonlight flit computer battery company. Well not quite but some of the names are not far off it and when you dig further you find all sorts of dreadful reports on these back bedroom companies.

    All I am looking for is a fair price from a reputable company.
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    Think about buying through Amazon Uk - with them you get good after sales service & decent warranty etc.


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    I have had replacement batteries for my dell's before now.. always bought them via Ebay as you then have their buyer protection on your side.. The aftermarket batteries I have had have all worked fine although they were no where near as good as the OEM ones in both the amount of charge they held and the time before they started to deteriorate.. but then they were about a 5th of the price of the Dell version..

    My only concern is the horror stories you hear about cheap copy batteries and chargers and fires... never had such a problem personally

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    bought a knock off sony one and it was crap
    didnt fit properly, kept disconnecting

    only one way to get a new one other than buying OEM ....

    have an accident/theft or fire!

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    ebay just check the feedback and how long they have been trading i bought new batteries for our toshibas for handy money with no issues
    a barony original

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    The company that services Maginon trail camera for Aldi/Lidl is a major supplier of refurbed batteries:

    Sertronics Ltd, 45 Regal drive, Walsall enterprise Park, Walsall, WS2 9HQ

    Have a look on their web site.


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    Thank you all for your suggestions and comments, most helpful.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Yes be careful, I've been looking for a replacement battery for my MacBook and not wishing to spend megabucks I tried a couple of the cheaper options through eBay but sent both back (refunds given) because they didn't hold a charge for very long. It looks like I'm going to have to bite the bullet and pay for a genuine Apple replacement.

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