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    Afternoon everyone! A little bit about me. I am 51 years old, I live in Northamptonshire, near Kettering. I moved here two years ago from Norfolk. I have been stalking for 30 years now. I have DSC level 1&2. I look after two estates/farms, in as much as I manage their deer numbers for them. Predominately the deer are, fallow, muntjack, roe and some red. I go to Scotland twice a year with my best mate, who like me is a stalking nut! We always got to a place called Aberader, near Inverness. If anyone knows of any stalking in and around the kettering area I would love to hear about it.

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    Let me be the first to welcome you.

    Enjoy your stay fella

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    Welcome to the site Davi, Kettering is an area I know reasonably well, and have stalked a number of areas in and around kettering, including Boughton on numerous occassions. Enjoy the site.



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