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Thread: Shmidt and Bender Scopes

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    Shmidt and Bender Scopes

    Can anyone tell me why Hungarian S&B scopes are not as desirable or valuable as the German made S&B ? Is there any difference in standard of manufacture or materials ?

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    I think it boils down to snobbishness personally. I can't tell any difference between them optically with my eye. I also can't see a company with a reputation like s&b would allow inferior products to carry their name. I think the glass and components are exactly the same as the German ones just made in Hungary where wages are lower

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    Starting to think that myself but it still effects the 2nd hand value I think. I have had friends tell me not to touch them because of this.

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    I work in Germany and they are nearly all technical fusspots who always try to do their best.
    I spent a lot of time in eastern Europe too and they do not have the same upbringing to be picky so I feel there is a higher chance of second rate quality control product getting through.
    There is a tv programme here in Germany called "der sendung mit der maus" it is a kids programme that shows them how all sorts of stuff is made so they are pre programmed from childhood to be curious.
    Just my opinion though.

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    Cheaper to produce equals lower cost and lower second hand price, cant see where the problems are? German components assembled under German QC with lower Labour costs doesnt equal a sub standard product otherwise Skoda wouldnt be selling cars on Germany!
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    You can have a BDC turret put on the German scopes, but they won't install them on the Hungarian versions apparently...

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