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Thread: 7 x 57

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    7 x 57

    Looking at a new calibre, 7 x 57. Any suggestion?

    I have . 243 Steyr Pro-Hunter and also Double Rifle in 8 x 60 . I need a rifle that would reach out a bit for Stags and also handy for African plains game. The old 7mm looks a good one for me . ( Yes the 8 x 60 is more than adequate but more than one Outfitter has viewed the double as old fashioned!! and reluctant to countenance it)

    I want full stock (Stutzen) Bolt gun. Steyr do one (SBS) in 7 08. Presently I do not have the time to spend working up a load for a calibre that is not easy "off the shelf". I want 7 x 57

    Any pointers welcome

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    CZ made a limited run of the 550 in 7x57 and in the Lux and FS ( Mannlicher stock).

    Your best bet is going to be to find an older, custom rifle from a name maker. Brno 22F is one factory one. I just passed on a custom two years ago which was gorgeous, on a 1909 Argentine action, 20-inch full stock in French Walnut, for $1,000. You should check with Westley Richards, Holt's, and on the Continent. It is not a cartridge currently in vogue, so nice rifles fetch less when chambered in it.

    Failing that, find a nice Mauser sporter in 7x57, shoot it, and have the barrel cut, shoot it again, then have it restocked as a Stutzen....probably for less than $1,500 USD.

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    Cheers Southern. You found any Sierra Prohunters yet 175 gn?


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    Have a 7x57 Mauser action rifle made in the 1960 in south Africa...shoots straight with 175rn....a peach on recoil and will knock em over...

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    I set aside my 7x57 custom for my grandson -a rifle I've used for 35 years. To replace it I bought a 7-08 for myself and carefully put up my RCBS 7x57 dies to go with my rifle. Three months ago a buddy gave my girl friend a custom 7x57 on an FN commercial action. I broke out the RCBS dies to use with her new rifle. Finally, today, bought a set of 7x57 dies to go with HER rifle, so i can pack my 1965 vintage RCBS dies away with my grandson's stuff. The 7x57: What a fabulous cartridge.~Muir

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    I was converted to 7x57 by a mate after useing his rifle found it more pleasant to use than a 308 was lucky enough to be ofered a heym sr30 last year second hand havnt regreted buying I use 140 g federals light on recoil heavy enough to be effective on sika but light on meat damage even on a muntjac go for it you wont regret buying one

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    I picked up a 7mm argentine scoped and sporterised by a professional gunsmith here in Germany two years ago, it still had the long stepped barrel but still looked very nice for 199 Euros and it shoots three shots into one hole at 100m what more can one ask for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ade8mm View Post

    I want full stock (Stutzen) Bolt gun. Steyr do one (SBS) in 7 08. Presently I do not have the time to spend working up a load for a calibre that is not easy "off the shelf". I want 7 x 57

    Any pointers welcome
    I have the Steyr Mannlicher Classic in 7mm-08 and it's fantastic, but I did have to wait four or five months for it. However the Heym SR21 is made in 7x57 in a full stock version at about the same price and is completely lovely.
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    I can find quite a selection for sale in the USA. Westley Richards, which has a store in Montana, will probably handle a transfer to you.

    Here is one, a Brno 22F in 7x57, at Cabela's, asking $1,799.00.

    I had one of these in 8x60S and now have one in 7x64 Brenneke. It is very slim and nice. Hunting with it is a trip back in time.

    You can find some stellar custom rifles at huge prices, or an estate find like this one by a master of Mausers, for a song.
    Click image for larger version. 

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