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Thread: Self employment earnings

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    Self employment earnings

    Looking for some help please chaps. I am self employed and I need to know how much I earned last year but my accountant is on holiday. I know I should really have that info but I've not kept any records myself. Is there anywhere on the HMRC site I could find this out. Any help much appreciated.

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    No is the easy answer,and the remedy for the future is to keep records especially seeing as the Tax Man can audit your books whenever they feel like it,and in my experience telling them you don't have the paperwork doesn't doesn't make them any less insistent.

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    That wasn't the reply I was hoping for lol. I know I should keep records but it am hopeless at that sort of stuff lol.
    The girl that does my books has got all my paper work but that doesn't help when she's away on holiday.

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    If you are registered for online services with HMRC login to find you most recent completed tax return

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stingercargill View Post
    Check your bank account
    There was only half of it paid into my bank. The rest was cheques and i didnt bank the full amounts so cant get it from that.

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    if you are self employed I am assuming you had to invoice people
    did you hand all that to the accountant?

    braver man than me when everyone else seems to lose stuff

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    No i dont invoice anyone. Its just wages that get paid to me

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    Quote Originally Posted by AllanG051 View Post
    No i dont invoice anyone. Its just wages that get paid to me
    If you are getting "just wages" without submitting invoices then HMRC may well take the view that you are not self employed and look to get NICs from both you and whoever is paying the wages. For as far back ......

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    If you don't keep accurate verifiable records how would you disprove an allegation from HMRC of undisclosed earnings? Remember,the onus is on you the taxpayer to disprove any such assessment made by HMRC and not vice versa as is the norm in criminal law!

    atb Tim

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