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Thread: Rural Crime Survey - have your say!

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    Rural Crime Survey - have your say!

    On the back of Yoda's post and the epidemic that is rural crime here's a link to the Rural Crime Survey:

    I think this post is a bit short notice as I believe it ends this week but have your say if your interested. The more information they gather will show the true extent of the problem.



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    National Rural Crime Network?

    Sounds a bit like a body of people of a like mind are travelling around different locations, perhaps staying in caravans and stealing things. I don't believe that for a minute!

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    The National Rural Crime Network membership comprises 28 Police and Crime Commissioners and their Police forces, as well as a range of other organisations with a deep interest in rural affairs and community safety.
    Avon and Somerset – Police and Crime Commissioner Sue Mountstevens
    Cambridgeshire – Police and Crime Commissioner Sir Graham Bright
    Cheshire – Police and Crime Commissioner John Dwyer
    Cleveland – Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger
    Country Land and Business Association
    Countryside Alliance
    Cumbria – Police and Crime Commissioner Richard Rhodes
    Derbyshire – Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Charles
    Devon and Cornwall – Police and Crime Commissioner Tony Hogg
    Dorset – Police and Crime Commissioner Martyn Underhill
    Durham – Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg
    Dyfed-Powys – Police and Crime Commissioner Christopher Salmon
    Essex – Police and Crime Commissioner Nick Alstone
    Farmers Union of Wales
    Farmers Weekly magazine
    Gloucestershire – Police and Crime Commissioner Martin Surl
    Gwent – Police and Crime Commissioner Ian Johnson
    Hertfordshire – Police and Crime Commissioner David Lloyd
    Historic England (formerly English Heritage)
    Kent – Police and Crime Commissioner Ann Barnes
    Lancashire – Police and Crime Commissioner Clive Grunshaw
    Leicestershire – Police and Crime Commissioner Sir Clive Loader
    Lincolnshire – Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick
    National Community Safety Network
    National Farmers Union
    Neighbourhood Watch
    NFU Mutual
    North Yorkshire (Chair) – Police and Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan
    Northamptonshire – Police and Crime Commissioner Adam Simmonds
    Northumbria – Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird
    Nottinghamshire – Police and Crime Commissioner Paddy Tipping
    Staffordshire – Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis
    Suffolk (Vice-Chair) – Police and Crime Commissioner Tim Passmore
    Surrey – Police and Crime Commissioner Kevin Hurley
    Thames Valley – Police and Crime Commissioner Anthony Stansfield
    Warwickshire – Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Ball
    West Mercia – Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Barrie Sheldon
    Wiltshire – Police and Crime Commissioner Angus McPherson

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    god I started that survey and lost the will to live!!

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    Managed to do it. They said 15 minutes. Took me half an hour. Brain dead at the end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by techman View Post
    Managed to do it. They said 15 minutes. Took me half an hour. Brain dead at the end.
    Call me cynical, but have they made it as such so that folks don't bother?

    Well done for persisting, and I'll clear the decks and have a pot of coffee on to do it in the morning!
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    It does take some getting through i must say! If you have been effected by rural crime it's worth persisting! I have to agree I feel it could have been more user friendly. Hopefully though the results will show the extent of the problem and it will have to be published.

    Apart from the local untouchables the main problem is the police being so under resourced. Let's hope it brings some change....

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    I had to tell them that I had my security cameras stolen.

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    Survey was completed. Surveys are all well and good. The main issue in rural areas is that these are the areas that are hit the most by cuts in police budgets.

    From a place not so long ago, when each village would have it's own police officer, we now have police stations not only non-existent in villages, but very much under threat - or already gone in many small towns. The result of this is that it's more than likely that any sort of rural crime that actually gets reported will be investigated (possibly) by an officer whose main work will be policing town estates and Saturday night drunks. Patrols in many rural areas are a fond memory. Speak to people of a certain age in rural areas and they'll tell you who their local police officer was by name. Now you won't hardly get the same one twice.

    I have always advocated reporting every crime to the police. So that, however unimportant it may seem, the picture builds up and the police can act on it. However, the police are having to prioritise so much these days that rural issues bear very little importance when compared to the weight of issues the towns and cities have.

    This is not really the police's fault. They can only do so much with diminishing resources. However, having a National Rural Crime Network, which will no doubt have important meetings and conduct surveys can only help. Or at least give the impression that it helps!

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