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Thread: Holographic / red dot sights

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    Holographic / red dot sights

    Anyone used these for driven boar? interested to hear any comments on them.
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    I've never used them on boar but have used a holographic sight a lot. They are good but sometimes it can be hard to find the red dot if you haven't got your eye square behind the sight correctly. If your off to the side too much the hologram won't be seen correctly. They are good for rapidly aquiring a target because you know if the hologram is on target then that's where the bullet is going, Unlike an iron sight if your not lined up right then you don't have the correct point of aim, even if you haven't got an ideal stance or firing position.*

    Another plus is you can keep both eyes open giving you more vision than with your eyes glued to the scope and cross hairs, which could be a bonus for driven boar. I tend to notice the point of aim moving with a holographic sight, because of breathing etc more so than with an iron sight which I guess is the same as a standard scope and x hairs, you need to trust the zero and your shooting skills. Hope that helps. *

    John *

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    I'd prefer a holo sight above a low power tele because as mentioned both eyes can remain open and getting on target is easier. You would need to get used to one but with practice they're great. So people moan about 1x holo setups with but driven game is 40 m or less so increased magnification is actually a disadvantage.

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    What makes are people using I have heard that some of them loose there zero with the slightest bump, reason I ask is that I am looking at setting a .308 up with one.


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    i have used both sights for hunting and i find that the red-dot works for me best ,mainly because of the varriable weather conditons when shooting driven wild boar from bright sun shine to snow and driveing rain or mist and fog as i have flip up covers on my red-dot to keep out the weather when standing at your peg of a long time durring a drive.
    My red-dot is a optimate from edggar bros which cost 100 5 years ago still works with no loss of zero .have had it on my12bore with slugs,.308 and 444 with great results.
    just remember to carry spare batteries with you.


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    I have an eotech holographic site find it holds ots zero well, have used it on shotguns and centre fire rifles. Being holographic its not sensitive to eye relieve so is good for quick shots.


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    I have a Docter sight II fitted on an EAW rear mount on the back end of a 1911 swiss straight pull 7.5 rifle with an 8 round mag kept just for boar drives and lots of folk have shot with it and all hit well at 100m on the running boar target so it works for me.

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    Asking the same question myself, to mount on combination gun - Would you choose a red dot Doctor over a straight tube 1-4x22 scope for close range shooting - certainly the red dot Doctor seems a much more cost effective option.

    Heym SR20

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    The Doctor sight II is supposed to be used up to a range of 70m but I find it is ok for hitting running boar targets at 100m as no stress is involved and calling for the target to run etc.
    Problem in the real world is from the target aquisition to your mind saying "shoot" to the bullet arriving at its target is really too long to risk a humane shot and I would keep shots to a max of 60m, the velocity is also reducing and boar usually have a skin of dried mud outside of their fur/skin as bio body armour,
    The llast shot I saw at 70m with a 9.3x62 the bullet only went halfway through a 60kg boar.
    It is a bunch of stuff to mix in your head before shooting. Better is the aimed shot at a feeding boar and it still pumps the ticker up.

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    I'm holding out for a 45 / 70........... got to be some sort of Bio buster.
    (The Unspeakable In Pursuit Of The Uneatable.) " If I can help, I will help!." Former S.A.C.S. member!

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