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Thread: F.A.O. Gwent FAC holders.

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    F.A.O. Gwent FAC holders.

    I've just received the following email and thought that I would bring it to the attention of those of you that hold FACs or SGCs issued by Gwent police. Most of us only got to hear about the last open day that was held in Abergavenny after the event so well done to Gwent for publicising it better this time.

    Good Morning

    I would like to inform you that we will be hold the next Firearms Licensing ‘Open Day’, details as below:

    Date: 3rd July 2015

    Venue: Police HQ Reception
    Turnpike Road
    NP44 2XJ

    Time: 0900 – 1300

    Due to the popularity of this event, we are having to limit the individual time slots to approximately 15 mins.

    We look forward to seeing you on the day, where we can hopefully assist you with your firearm related queries etc.

    Many thanks and best regards

    Gina Gossman
    Heddlu Gwent Firearms Licensing
    Ph: 01495-745492
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