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Thread: STIHL FS90-R strimmer

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    STIHL FS90-R strimmer

    One and only Price DROP 150

    No longer has a use so selling collect ss2
    STIHL FS90-R trimer plus two heads & tools , and a brush cutter assy new :- this is not a toy hobby garden type
    Also will inc a harness clean nr new .a new trimer head feeder

    forgot to add this has the cow horn bars fitted better for harness use. for new cost
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    Jolly inconsiderate, I would have snapped this up had I not bought a bloody FS55 about bad luck. Maybe I can return mine

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    if you wish it make me an offer and back your one lol ill add it to my new rifle fund

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    I'll give the guy a call tomorrow .

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    Do you have any pictures of the items, age, hours usage please.



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    can do pix ,
    it works well serviced then put away , bugger if I keep hrs on a hand tool it works i use it stops I fix it lol . I work with stihl and repair them as part of my job ,this one just is no longer needed as I have access to lots of stihl power grounds tools now, trip deck mowers and such like , I have no need to keep my own kit anymore . last time I use this it was in aug 2013 on a duck blind build cutting reeds of the bank. this would be a try before you by .so like it then buy deal no like no harm done .if I keep it i'll fit a saw on it for tree work .

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    Can't get my money back on the one I bought. Good luck with the sale!

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    sorry to hear that feller and its a Shame as I am about to drop it to 150 for all the bits

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    No longer for sale at this time Uncle Norm has it as first dibs .

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