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Thread: GLOUCESTERSHIRE: FAC shotgun holders

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    GLOUCESTERSHIRE: FAC shotgun holders

    I would be interested to hear (By PM or on the Open Forum) from FAC shotgun holders in Glos. what, if any, restrictions/conditions have been imposed for granting a slot for a FAC shotgun.

    I wish to convert an existing 20G P/A shotgun on SGC to a larger capacity FAC shotgun with as 'good reason' vermin control, in particular Grey Squirrels.

    Thank you.
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    I had a FN Auto 5, in 16 bore, on my FAC in Leicestershire...many years ago...for shooting seagulls. I owned a fishing lake at the time and required to effectively control them more than three shots as, of course, seagulls tend to be in flocks. Like the pop group.

    Squirrels I'd say are probably harder to justify. Certainly I've never needed more than one or two shots. They tend to "hide" around the back of the tree until curiosity gets the better of them. And they peep back round. And "bang".

    It may help if you can provide picture evidence of several squirrels in the one place at the one time. Enough to justify that you don't have time to reload. Also FWIW I have always said that a self-loading (or pump) shot gun is the safest of all as the muzzle needs never be lowered to reload the thing. |It can be kept near vertical all the time.

    My personal take is that unless you can provide pictures of numbers of the grey furry tailed vandals in the one place then it will be difficult to justify.

    But pigeons. Well if you let them come in o your "deeks" and land you could argue that you can take three coming in and two more as those that have previously landed take flight on the sound of the first shots. Plus the safety aspect again.
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