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    for christmas this year i got my wife a full day and night stay over in a nice hotel getting pampered and having treatments. her and some friends booked to go 6weeks ago and arranged it for today.

    she is good as gold and told me but like a typical man forgot all about it . she even put it on HER calendar not mine. she has stuff like birthdays , dentist and doctors appointments on hers mine has any sporting event, shooting dates and planned drink up's.

    it was with horror that i checked both calendars last week as i was invited out on the lash with tickets to the Wales vs France international . on her calendar i see the pampering and night away all booked up.

    i mentioned it to her about the rugby and possible drink up , and perhaps it would be nice for the kids to spend time with the grandparents .i got a look that would of turned milk so i said no more.

    she kissed me goodbye this morning and set off . all i have had is texts and phone calls from friends wo are all going to the match.

    i have learnt one thing we now have only one calendar.....neil

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    In retospect (of course) it would have been worth the divorce .................

    Cymru am byth!

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    Nag oes , does dim
    the tickets for another game, even the world cup final , if we ever get there will be cheaper than a divorce

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    What I want to know is why when this horrific mistake was discovered did you not come straight on the forum offering your tickets to a good home!!!!

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    if this horrible mistake ever happens again i will give tickets away with spending money for the day to the most unhappy person i can find , as they could not of been as unhappy as me on saturday.

    just to let you know the wifw had a wounderfull time and now fels all relaxed ......aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....neil

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