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Thread: Scottish stalking leases, massive hike on the way????

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    Scottish stalking leases, massive hike on the way????

    With the rates being reintroduces on sporting estates a massive rise could be on the way for stalking leases. By definition a stalking lease is a sporting lease that makes money for someone as an extra income over and above standard land management. Does that not leave the forestry companies having to separate deer leases as rateable sporting lets. Or is the reason behind the rewording of deer management licences to get round this? Whatever, farmer joe that lets his ground for reward to syndicates could end up on a sticky wicket. Don't blame me, I didn't vote SNP.

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    The simple way to see if the FC will pay rates is, who would be liable to pay any rates due by the FC (who owns it), and , who would receive the rates paid?

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    You rent a house, you pay the rates. FC will pass on the costs. They are in it for the dosh.

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    Is this actually coming in thou?? And does anyone actually know wotit will be exactly?
    I know it has been talked about and to be honest after holyrood election next year the SNP will be able to do wotever it wants really no matter wot anyone else thinks.

    How would it work. if u have 2 similar forests ran by 2 differnt companies/owners, 1 lets the staling either to syndicates or paid stalking other either employs a stalker or does it all them selves.So 1 potentially making a profit from stalking while the other a loss

    Would they be both laible for the same tax, if both were culling similar ammounts of deer? Or do u just pay tax on the places where stalking is paid for, but surely u already pay tax on that?

    If it's like rates then every land/forest owner should pay it wether or not they make any money on the stalking, so infact they might let it to cover the 'tax'. Or if it's only only place where stalking let u might find more for free or 'cash in back pocket leases' as not worth paying the tax.

    Unless u have an idea wot sort of system/taxes are going to be brought in not a lot of point in trying to 2nd guess wot will happen.
    Think i'm right in saying the sporting tax was scrapped as it cost more to adminster and bring in than it ever made, but things could be different now, would not have been an awful lot of commercial shoots or even let stalking 30+yrs ago as most would be kept in house for the laird and his mates

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimbo123p View Post
    You rent a house, you pay the rates. FC will pass on the costs. They are in it for the dosh.
    Probably more likely FC will stop letting leases full stop, i seriously doubt they make much money of them and probably more hassle than there worth

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    That's why my comment on their new policy of deer cull licences instead of lease. I wrote the tread after an announcement on bbc Scotland news re the reintroduction of sporting rates after a twenty year absence. The way it came across it was imminent.

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    As I have posted before, how long before we will have to purchase tags to enable us to stalk a deer. Where there is money to be had the government will soon want there bit

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    I, for one, will have to play the "Wait 'n See" game. At this point, there is a lot of speculation without one once of accuracy. The proposed bill has not even been written up, yet, and we all know how the media wants to be the first with the information; it sells the papers faster and makes them more money.

    We may be able to set things up like in Germany, where the one who runs the area pays for damage done by the excess animals and anyone who wishes to hunt does so, at a possible small fee, and the monies, paid, go back into the management of the game and replenishing the payment of damages to the farmers. I know, this is not good for those who make a living at it, but it is a possible direction to go; and seems to have worked for decades there.

    No matter how the politicians write it, there will be ways to get around what was written; we just have to put our heads together and find it. If we united, as one, our voices will be louder that multiple individuals airing their frustrations.

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    [QUOTE=BearStalker;986189] The proposed bill has not even been written up, yet, and we all know how the media wants to be the first with the information; it sells the papers faster and makes them more money.

    It was released on 22/06/2015, I just skim read it but am sure it contained the usual caveat that it can or parts of it can be changed by the Scottish Government (read to suit them) at any time.
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    So far it's only a proposal, two more stages to go through where amendments can be made, and there are still consultations to take place, it's quite rare for a bill to go through entirely as first first proposed, there could be quite a few changes to the initial proposal before it becomes law.

    All we can do is wait and see, all one can say for certain is that there are going to be changes, what they will be exactly no one can be absolutely sure at this time.

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