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Thread: An overdue thanks to James

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    An overdue thanks to James

    As described, a bitty overdue, but a wee thank you to James AKA Jager SA.

    A while back I was contacted by Jager regarding a scope I was selling (miserable git never bought it), and somehow we got onto the topic of me fancying re-barreling my S/S 75 .243 into .308. Anyway, his estimates of both time and cost were favorable compared to the well known rifle builders, and so the 75 was duly boxed up and away she went. It was not without some hesitation, as she was an utter tack driver, even with the 100gr stuff, but I have access to a T3 which has only ever fired about 50 rounds, and I thought finding a 75 in .308 that hadn't done serious mileage could take a while.

    To cut a fairly short story shorter, I decided on a cerakote finish in matt black which was very nicely applied to barrel, action, mod (SL5), bolt and mag base (why didn't I send both mags, DOH !). Barrel fitted is a Bergara standard profile at 20" long with a 1 in 10 twist. The finish of all components is to a nice smooth standard. Nice snug smooth threading for the mod in 14x1, with a nigh on invisible thread protector.

    Now, I duly shot her in with PPU 150gr SP's, not too rigorous on the clean/fire regime, but certainly rigorous enough to count as due care. James advised me that these barrels did take a wee bit of shooting in, but nothing major. Notably the PPU stuff was tight to chamber.

    The groups were a bit sketchy. I was shooting in less than ideal conditions/positions, but groups could be better I thought. Tried some Sako 150gr Super Hammerheads, nae much better, a wee bit, still perfectly adequate for the intended job of engine room shots, but just not what I'd expected. Her first roe fell over a while back, a sub standard shot on my part resulting in a 30 yard run, but stone dead before he could make it to a particularly hostile bit of cover.

    Back to cutting the short story etc... It was the scope, it's off to a well known manufacturer for a talking to. Got another scope on her and away we go. Same awkward, sometimes windy zeroing locations, and she's making me look quite competent. Absolutely no doubt she's capable of clover leaf groups at normal stalking distances and beyond. Even the PPU stuff, although tight to chamber, groups perfectly adequately.

    Now, if at some point I decide I want a rifle that can shoot uber groups at uber distances at a modest price, I will have no hesitation in calling James again. He's a busy man, one man operations tend not to thrive if they spend all their time on phone/internet, but his advice and honesty combined with very reasonable pricing is refreshing in these times.

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    Ppu is tight to chamber in my factory T3 varmint.

    I always regret not buying a 75 for my 7-08 stalker. Nice build. Hope you kept the old .243 barrel.
    "If you can't see it, you can't shoot it"

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    Looking good, shoots nice with the 123g.

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